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Introduce a new way of seeing: Cue Vision

At Cue Vision our aim is to help you access the creativity and inventiveness you already have in your own organisation. Close up, an issue can seem tangled and impenetrable. Our approach will allow you to step back and put things in context. Our VisionScaping process engages people in creating a rich picture. We work with you to develop the story, and help you find the answers you need, using our experience to ask critical questions and challenge assumptions. We leave you with a canvas – a VisionScapeTM – that not only records the journey taken, but is also a powerful communications tool for sharing this understanding with others.

We can't do it for you, but we can do it with you.

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Values and Principles

Our values and principles are what makes us different:


We make complex issues more accessible


We encourage openness to new ideas


We provide focus and spark creativity


We foster engagement and ownership

We won’t ever come to you with the answer – we don’t have one that we prepared earlier. Our goal is to help you find a solution that fits your unique requirements: one that will work for your organisation, your people and your culture.

Client Testimonial

As a Change Manager, I love the visual nature of this work as it helps individuals and groups to see and feel experiences we create more clearly. It’s also a very unifying process and facilitates large numbers of delivering vested interests to have one common view of a challenge, a proposition or a goal...
- Senior Manager, Customer Experience - Financial Institution

How We Work

VisionScape™ - our communication tool

VisionScape is unique: it allows us to place information effectively to help clarify understanding. It brings the context to life, engages people in developing the story, and focuses their thinking.

Using VisionScape allows you to:

  • See critical relationships
  • Recognise blindspots
  • Identify complexity
  • Unravel preconceptions and assumptions
  • Show different viewpoints and perspectives

The power of the Cue Vision approach is twofold:

  • We create a VisionScape that tells the story and communicates it effectively
  • We nurture commitment to change, with clear focus and renewed energy

1. Preparation

Understanding the context and scale of the topic to be addressed; working with the client to identify the question to be answered; deciding on a suitable base template to start the process.

2. Initial Set-Up

In a workshop environment, draw out the initial story, filling in the issues, questions, context and early ideas and placing these on the canvas. It is important that everyone in the room can contribute to the story as it develops and recognise the situation it describes.

3. Understanding the Situation

Understanding the challenges and problems; visualising the concepts; stimulating creativity and looking at the issue from different perspectives; working with the group to generate ideas.

4. Generate Options

Beginning to answer the question posed at the start and untangle the issues – generating possible solutions and using the VisionScape to explore and evaluate these options.

5. Communicate and Build Engagement

The final VisionScape is a powerful tool for communicating the process. Talking people through the VisionScape brings them on the journey as well, helping to improve understanding and increase shared ownership of the outcome – enthusing and bringing renewed energy for implementation.

Levels of service

Three levels of complexity to suit your needs

We recognise that your organisation, your issues and your reasons for seeking solutions are unique to you, so our work is totally bespoke. Therefore we have three levels of engagement:

The Knot

You’re fairly clear what the issue is: it could be something like a glitch in operations or a disruption to business – you may just be too close to the problem and not have the headspace to think around it. We’ll help you step back from the issue, access options, find creative solutions, and help you decide how to move forward.

The Binding Knot

You may not be entirely clear exactly what the problem is, or there may be a number of interrelated questions and issues, or it could be that a larger number of people are involved, with differing perspectives on the issue – not only what the solution should be, but also what the question is.

The Gordian Knot

For more complex issues, probably involving a wider range of different aspects of business, or more diverse groups of stakeholders, or simply a larger-scale or multi-layer organisation.


Cue Vision - Meet the founders

Maggie Gray

Maggie has over two decades of business experience and has consulted at main board levels in the public and private sectors. After beginning her career in the manufacturing sector, she has worked with organisations in local government, healthcare, education, emergency services, retail, leisure and finance. She believes passionately in helping organisations find ways to maximise their own experience, creativity and expertise to develop implementable and sustainable solutions.

Brendon O'Brien

Brendon is a practised Enterprise Architect with a wealth of experience across a number of business sectors and a wide range of technologies. For many years he has specialised in using graphic representation to communicate and explain ideas to a wide audience. With the development of VisionScape he has extended this approach, using graphics to stimulate a different way of thinking and generate real engagement in the problem solving process.

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